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We want to understand your ambitions so as to help you achieve them. But that will be merely the beginning of your career at Modis.

When you join Modis, you don’t just become part of a business.

Whether you join as a consultant, as an associate or as a member of our support and management teams, you will be joining a community of experts.

For us, it starts with understanding your ambitions. Then we invest in you and in your professional development and mentorship, coaching you throughout your career.

By studying how people, science, technology and businesses interact in global markets, we can partner the right specialists with the right projects.

Do you drive yourself to excel?

We expect our people to be ambitious. Our staff are encouraged to take responsibility and we encourage them to deepen their skills and apply them in a vast range of areas.

Do you want to take on new challenges?

Modis operates right at the intersection between science and technology. We believe only cross-domain thinking can unlock true innovation.

That is why we strive for our consultants’ development and growth, by involving them in the new technological challenges posed by the projects we run.                                                                                                                                                                             

Would you like to become a part of our community?

Our Delivery Centers are designed to host the best professionals in each sector, so that we can reach the most innovative solutions.

Team Spirit

  • Our work and best-practice exchange is based on mutual respect and trust
  • Team, trust and talent are our keywords.
  • We work hard and play hard, and always enjoy what we do.


  • We are passionate about delivering services of the highest quality
  • We are passionate about the people who work for us and about our partners.
  • We lead and inspire our people in their career development.


  • We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable for what we say and do.
  • We make every effort to provide the best service possible.
  • Promoting fairness, diversity and equality is our corporate legacy.

Customer Service

  • We build and improve long-term relations with our partners.
  • We are focused on understanding our sector and satisfying our customers’ needs.
  • We are committed to providing quality services and accuracy.


  • We generate innovative ideas and solutions
  • We feel comfortable in fast changing environments
  • We encourage initiative in decision-making and in coming up with creative solutions. Going the extra mile is our ambition.

Which career is right for you?

We see ourselves as your career partner, bringing you the respect, recognition, guidance and stability you deserve. We offer our professionals various career paths, as associates and consultants and as business and technical managers.


Modis Associates join us to tackle custom client solutions, onshore, offshore or nearshore. Our Delivery Centers operate across various markets and act as campuses for supercharging your career development.

Throughout your career you will find we offer professional evaluation and a variety of work assignments. We can rapidly reassign across markets depending on the client and your career needs.

Your career development

As soon as you start working with Modis, we will work together to set development goals, with regular follow-ups, including quarterly meetings and annual/mid-year reviews.

We have three primary stages of development: junior, mid and senior. This allows you to gain experience across our sectors (IT, engineering and life sciences), giving you the chance to apply your technical knowledge to real client challenges.

Throughout, you will develop your project coordination skills and human and financial resources.

Modis offers you various career paths in accordance with your specific requirements.

Specialist Path
  • From being a Technical Referent you will progress to Specialist and then to Expert.
  • Your focus will be on providing advice about your technical field, managing others’ knowledge and transferring it to your colleagues.
  • The role will also have you contributing to RFIs and RFOs.

Manager Path

  • You will have the opportunity to progress from Team Leader to Project Manager to Project Director.
  • Your focus will be on providing advice about your technical field, managing others’ knowledge and transferring it to your colleagues.
  • The role will also have you contributing to RFIs and RFOs.

Manager Path

  • You will have the opportunity to progress from Business Manager (BM) to Experienced BM to Coaching BM
  • Throughout, the focus is on prospecting and opening new business accounts, monitoring the progress of projects, recruiting managers and then driving their careers forwards.



Our Consultants enjoy incredibly varied careers, working with a wide array of global and local clients and getting to grips with a progressive, changing world.

For over 20 years we've been recruiting smart minds from the worlds of IT, engineering and life sciences into our global community. We look for and foster cross-domain expertise in our Consultants.

When we assign you to a client’s business, you have the opportunity to apply your technical expertise, delivery methodologies, processes and frameworks to output the performance our clients require.

Our Consultants deliver their work to the highest standards. In return, they can expect proactive feedback and routine guidance throughout their career. When a project or a consultancy period is coming to a close, we actively look for the next opportunity for you, tailored to your needs and expectations. We always go the extra mile to make sure you have stable work and good working conditions.

Alongside this, we offer help and training to ensure you maintain your competitive edge in the market.

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Business Manager

Modis wouldn't be able to operate without the full-time employees who make sure that our clients are satisfied and that our associates, consultants and technical managers are placed in roles that are right for their careers.

When you join Modis as a Management Colleague, you can expect to join a community of peers who have a profound knowledge of their domain and an innate understanding of people and their needs. You are the bridge between our clients and the services we offer. As a result, you can expect strong career development, supported by guidance, structure and help and training.

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In the sectors in which Modis operates, nobody works in isolation. When you become part of our team, you enter a dynamic, flexible environment. New prospects, cross-domain thinking and an increasingly smart approach to the markets are all aspects that will continuously drive you onwards.

We encourage candidates to explore, to travel the world, to gain experience working on projects with the large international companies and to gain a multi-disciplined perspective on problem-solving. If that prospect excites you, then make your connection now by contacting us at