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What we are witnessing today is only the dawn of global interconnectivity. 

400 milion
20.4 miliardi
$252 bilion

The boom of IoT-technology devices is bound to lead to an exponential increase in the demand for them.

The quick success of the Internet of Things is both causing some stress to the existing networks and fueling innovation.

Having the chance to build their telecommunication infrastructures from scratch, developing countries are favoring those destined to mobile devices.

In this context of bustling demand growth, three emerging trends stand out:

1. The Internet of Things will bring new challenges

Can you imagine the implications of the number of connected devices going from 8.4 to 20.4 billion units between 2017 and 2020? It is not only computers and smartphones that are connected to the Internet now, but also cars, homes, offices and appliances. As interconnectivity takes hold – allowing for further automation and offering new opportunities to companies in prime positioning – we are growing increasingly dependent on the Internet.

This entails some risks, of course: for hackers and cybercriminals, every new connected device is another illegal access point to the web.

Thus, before fully embracing the benefits of IoT, companies must improve their network management, firewalls, and hardware integration. To help businesses – as well as agencies and private individuals who face these new challenges – software manufacturers are working to improve both software and hardware security.

Modis avails itself of a global network of almost 30,000 professionals with cross-disciplinary skills in fields such as Engineering and IT. We provide efficient and reliable solutions for everything from designing to prototyping IoT devices, and from planning to managing network services to be monitored and controlled, all the way to setting up the best protection measures for your networks.

2. Hardware demand is bound to rise

As the number of connected devices increases, it is becoming essential for companies and consumers alike to access the web quickly and reliably – as supported by the fact that smartphones are being used more and more often as mobile hotspots.

Network operators must prepare to manage a volume of data expected to rise by 700% between 2016 and 2021.

France has been investing in the capillary availability of 4G technology and 80% of its population can access it already: an impressive result the country achieved by pinpointing the obstacles consumers faced – such as zero-connectivity areas – and granting operators 700 MHz of additional bandwidth.

Modis professionals are specialized in diverse fields, from the development of mobile traffic systems to building and testing infrastructures. Depending on your needs, we find the ideal talents for you or take on entire projects for development and innovation.

3. Digitization is the future

Clients will want to communicate with companies and complete a growing number of activities using their mobile devices in the future. And the promise that artificial intelligence will reduce costs and be able to interact with consumers can be kept only if digital communication tools are in place. Therefore, it is crucial that companies start rerouting their clients towards digital channels.

In order to keep everything under control, online and offline mobile channels must all be digitally connected and refer to a single databank: that is how companies can gather the most information on their clients and sell more efficiently, wasting less time and improving their performances.

Our network of talents specialized in Engineering and IT can manage every aspect of digital change, thanks to world-class skills in project management, based on methods and procedures tested over decades of experience.

Our services

We believe the field of telecommunications has never lived a more exciting time of growth, and that a multi-disciplinary perspective is absolutely necessary to help the companies in the sector solve the issues they face.

Our solutions include:

  • Network Engineering, Development & Operations
  • BSS & OSS Support
  • Customer Operations
  • Design Thinking
  • UX/UI Research & Design
  • Mobile & Web App Design & Development
  • Agile Sprint Thinking & Development
  • Data Analysis
  • CyberSec
  • Publishing platforms and content management systems
  • Online learning services (training and editorial)
  • Digital channels & Omnichannel approach
  • IoT and EMC activity

Consulting Services

Modis directly takes part into the ideation, design, development and maintenance of products, systems or services for its clients, supporting them wherever necessary.
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Project Services

By managing services using SLAs and KPIs, Modis guarantees its clients the maximum level of excellence in every phase in the project.
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Outsourcing & Managed Services

With its services and solutions, Modis ensures rapid increments in productivity and in operational and financial efficiency. Timely, high-quality results are guaranteed: within a framework of partnership, your challenge is our challenge too.
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Customized Services & Solutions

Our team of experts is committed to creating flexible solutions in line with clients’ needs.

These services are made possible also by leveraging the support of our global network of Delivery Centers.

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