About us

Professional solutions powered by global reach and local expertise

A community of the world’s most outstanding minds, able to respond to the complex challenges faced by today’s businesses.

We live in a very complex world, where technology drives constant change. It is a world in which the best professionals must work together to find new solutions and come up with innovative ideas. That is where we come in.

Our brand brings The Adecco Group’s expertise together with a network of professionals across the engineering, IT and life sciences sectors.

At Modis we offer our partners support that will allow them to develop innovative services and products. We provide them with consultants who have experience at every stage of the project lifecycle, from the initiation and definitions phases through to implementation and maintenance.

We work with important international companies in the following sectors: Aerospace and defence, automotive, energy and utilities, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, railways and transportation, telecommunication and media.

We have 85 branches worldwide and over 35,000 staff members, of which 2100 are located in Italy, between our offices in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Bari.

Our Colleagues

Our “People First” approach has allowed us to build a community of bright, driven minds.

For us, it starts with understanding the consultants’ ambitions. Then we work with them to get them there. Our training is centred around investment, courses and regular refreshers, which take place throughout their entire professional career.

By studying how people, science, technology and businesses interact, we can partner the right specialists with the right professional projects.

The Delivery Centers work continuously with our partners, providing them with suitable teams, which have been created to handle the largest challenges faced in every part of the world.

When people join Modis, they can be sure their career is in trustworthy hands.

Our clients

Modis operates right at the intersection between science and technology. We believe only cross-domain thinking can unlock true innovation. Our global community of specialists connects the smartest people and businesses with the most exciting opportunities. We partner our clients with the best minds and services to adapt, explore and seize opportunities to outperform.

Our strength lies in the people who work for us. It is up to them to connect the best experts in companies’ most crucial roles and rapidly put together agile teams to work on the most challenging projects. They form the backbone of our industry-leading Delivery Centres.

That means that, whether our clients are looking for just individuals or for fully-managed projects, from conception to delivery, we can provide the local expertise and global scale that will ensure their success.

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