Infrastructure & Transportation

The Infrastructure and Transportation field is undergoing impressive changes thanks to new technologies.

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Comfort, speed, efficiency and reliability: the field is ready for a revolution.

Vehicle electrification is the top breakthrough in transportation at the moment, and has already had deep and unexpected consequences. We can imagine the future will have an increasing number of driver-less cars, but real-time vehicle monitoring and huge efforts to adapt the current infrastructures are necessary to bring the innovation of autonomous vehicles to the streets.

We believe this revolutionary shift will be spurred by three main trends:

1. Global automation

Usually, the weak link in any transportation system is the people controlling vehicles: even the best drivers in the world make mistakes. But software based on artificial intelligence does not: so the automation of transportation networks actually allows for maximum operative efficiency, minimized risks for passengers and freight, and reduced costs.

Self-driving vehicles are the very paradigm of this change. The first completely autonomous cargo ship is scheduled to sail by 2020, while the first autonomous railway for passenger transportation is already being built in Western Australia.

Thanks to the support services provided by its data centers in fields like Engineering management and IT, Modis is able to collaborate with companies to find the best ways to use and analyze data for automation. From design to prototyping, and from planning to managing network services, we can find the most fitting solution for you.

2. New transportation infrastructures

Infrastructures will have to change in step with vehicles. The highways of the future, for example, will have to be designed keeping in mind the requirements of self-driving cars, allowing for road-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Innovative track systems are already being developed to transport people in autonomous capsules that will travel using futuristic infrastructures such as Hyperloop technology. How will governments invest in these new types of transportation systems? While advanced countries actually face the biggest obstacles in building them, changes will likely be faster and more impressive in developing countries.

Modis has built a global network of almost 30,000 professionals with cross-disciplinary skills in Engineering management and IT. Our professionals can be quickly deployed to help companies face any challenge in the design, testing and launch phases.

3. “Greener” roads

There is an ongoing shift towards less polluting transportation systems all around the word: whether their business revolves around electric trucks and cars or electrified and magnetic-levitation tracks, manufacturers and service providers will have to face a remarkable increase in energy demand in the near future.

They will have to integrate generation and distribution in terms of planning and management, and understand how they can give any excess energy back to the grid. Solar-powered, zero-emission ships are bound to become the standard. At the same time, new ways to make infrastructures more sustainable will have to be developed.

Modis is able to tackle these issues with sustainable and custom solutions, designed by its Centers of Excellence and Delivery Centers – to which entire projects or even single processes can be outsourced, choosing from onshore, near-shore and offshore options, always with the guarantee of our high quality standards.


Our services

Modis can collaborate on any type of project, from the development of telematics systems and vehicles to manufacturing and supply chain improvements, and from the development of innovative electrical grids to the production of vehicles and back-end systems.

Our solutions include:

  • Electrical and electronic systems: telematics, infotainment and safety
  • Manufacturing and supply chain
  • Integrated software
  • Connectivity
  • Infotainment
  • Hardware design and prototyping
  • Assistance on applications
  • Data centers and network assistance
  • Quality and project management
  • Agile and SCRUM Framework

Consulting Services

Modis directly takes part into the ideation, design, development and maintenance of products, systems or services for its clients, supporting them wherever necessary.
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Project Services

By managing services using SLAs and KPIs, Modis guarantees its clients the maximum level of excellence in every phase in the project.
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Outsourcing & Managed Services

With its services and solutions, Modis ensures rapid increments in productivity and in operational and financial efficiency. Timely, high-quality results are guaranteed: within a framework of partnership, your challenge is our challenge too.
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Customized Services & Solutions

Our team of experts is committed to creating flexible solutions in line with clients’ needs.

These services are made possible also by leveraging the support of our global network of Delivery Centers.

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