Full Time Academy

A bridge between university and employement

A bridge between university and employment

The Full Time Academy is Modis’s program to bridge the gap between university studies and the skills that companies in the IT and Engineering fields demand the most.

At Modis Academies, recent graduates – selected via phone interviews, group assessments and personal interviews – undergo intensive training, usually for periods between four and five weeks. Modules are managed in partnership with leading companies in the field and prestigious certified training agencies, and are dedicated to the areas of interest and technologies that the market is focusing on today. Academies accept a limited number of participants and are free (with grants offered to participants coming from other regions). Class attendance is mandatory and candidates’ motivation is taken into strong consideration during the selection process. At the end of the course, the best students are hired by Modis and immediately assigned to consultancy projects with partner companies.


Full Time Academy participants enter Modis’s talent program, which leads to challenging and innovative jobs after a period of intensive and specialized training. In 2018, we activated 26 academies and engaged approximately 260 people with technical and scientific backgrounds (mostly computer engineering and IT, mathematics, physics etc.).

For more information, please email modisrec.academy@modis.com

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