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The Life Sciences field is experiencing a time of extremely fast technological and digital development.

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The digital revolution is ready to take over new areas – such as pharmaceutics, biotechnologies and the agri-food sector.

The digital revolution is ready to take over new areas – such as pharmaceutics, biotechnologies and the agri-food sector.

The current shifts in the scientific and technological world are already deeply transforming the healthcare sector, as both start-ups and established players seize the opportunities offered by IoT and by the association of Big Data with AI to improve diagnostics and medical treatments. Companies face the challenge of finding their balance between innovation costs and prices, in the framework of a complex legal context.

Three main trends can be pinpointed in the sector today:

1. Biotechnologies based on Big Data

Digital data analysis can have a huge impact on the world of biotechnologies. For example, it can potentially bring remarkable improvements in the ways in which research goals are monitored and new cures are found.

Big Data are bound to become an increasingly crucial aspect in clinical testing. A sophisticated integration between the Life Sciences and IT sectors is now needed, to process and analyze the large quantities of data that will be gathered from people faster than ever before, to connect devices used to monitor tests remotely, and to carry out cloud-based testing.

Our IT experts can define the best strategy to manage your data and reach even your most challenging goals.

2. Evolving legal contexts

Keeping abreast of the many changes in national and international regulations today – first and foremost the ones regarding ISO standards on the identification of medicinal products – requires in-depth knowledge of both products and regulations themselves.

Attention, skills and expertise are necessary to manage important factors such as how rules are applied in different phases, what data are required for different elements, and how operative efficiency may be maintained.

At the same time, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation has determined more stringent requirements and obligations about the ways data can be gathered, processed and used – with a real impact on the ways companies can grow their databanks, carry out research and development, and even market their products.

3. Tech-assisted agriculture

In many cases, cheap and poorly protected labor is employed in agriculture for tasks that are straining, repetitive and exposed to the elements. Robots and drones, in these cases, could be truly a precious aid.

Farming machines, just like cars, are already introducing complete automation, experimenting with robots that can pick and transport fruit and vegetables in the fields during the day, and project ultraviolet light during the night to eliminate pests. Robotic “bees”, like miniature drones, can automatically find and pollinate plants, reducing waste and allowing crops to be always harvested at the right time.

Considering the average distance between farms and cities, local communication networks will be needed to enable a widespread use of IoT and AI technologies to control and improve the robotic assistants used in the fields.

For the farms of the future to become a reality, Life Sciences, IT and Engineering must find more touch points. To this end, Modis brings together specialists from all three fields with the goal to understand what works best in different contexts, design and prototype any tools needed, and create and manage the software the robotic assistants are based on.

Modis’s role

Our goal is to become your partner in finding the most brilliant solutions to your problems.

  • Pre-clinical research
  • Clinical studies
  • Duties and authorizations
  • Specialized support for production processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Market launches
  • Healthcare requirements
  • Computer System Validation (CSV)
  • Equipment Validation
  • Biomedical device development life cycle (Engineering)
  • Manufacturing & Marketing

Consulting Services

Modis directly takes part into the ideation, design, development and maintenance of products, systems or services for its clients, supporting them wherever necessary.
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Project Services

By managing services using SLAs and KPIs, Modis guarantees its clients the maximum level of excellence in every phase in the project.
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Outsourcing & Managed Services

With its services and solutions, Modis ensures rapid increments in productivity and in operational and financial efficiency. Timely, high-quality results are guaranteed: within a framework of partnership, your challenge is our challenge too.
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Customized Services & Solutions

Our team of experts is committed to creating flexible solutions in line with clients’ needs.

These services are made possible also by leveraging the support of our global network of Delivery Centers.

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