Application Modernisation

Transforming legacy systems for effective and sustainable optimisation of business innovation

Application Modernisation allows you to effectively and sustainably optimise business innovation and performance by transforming your legacy systems in a way that works best for your organisation and needs.

With disruptive technologies coming to market quickly and all the time, it’s not surprising that applications can lag behind your business needs.

At Modis Australia, we’ve developed a fit-for-purpose solution to this consistent challenge. Application modernisation allows you to transform your legacy systems in a controlled manner, to optimise business innovation and performance, and align to your current and evolving objectives.

The benefits of application modernisation are clear:

  • Create new business value from existing applications
  • Free up your operating budget to invest in innovation
  • Improve portfolio-wide integration to business agility
  • Deploy new applications and updates far more efficiently
  • Increase productivity by integrating mobility solutions

Why choose Modis Australia for application modernisation?

We’ve been breathing new life into ageing application portfolios since 1999, pioneering solutions that integrate leading edge technologies with legacy systems to deliver tangible improvements in agility, innovation and productivity for clients throughout Australia.

With over 300 application modernisation specialists nationwide, we have unique capabilities in this increasingly important discipline, including:

  • A tried-and-tested portfolio modernisation framework
  • Proven application assessment and decommissioning checklists
  • Two-speed IT, allowing you to fast-track projects
  • On-premises, web, cloud and hybrid solutions expertise
  • A holistic development process ensures we design and deliver a tailored solution that empowers your people and enables your business to move forward

Our approach ensures the best ROI

We take a holistic view of what is required, by considering your strategic objectives, operational requirements and the state of your legacy systems, then define which new technology options will deliver the most efficient, cost effective solutions.

Diagram - Our Approach to Application Modernisation

Some recent projects include:

  • Law Enforcement – An HTML5 interface on a legacy system providing offices with critical decision-making information on a range of mobile devices
  • Government – The redesign of a legacy application using Microservices and the cloud to enable the application to scale with demand
  • Justice – An application upgrade from .Net 1 to 4.0 to align with vendor support and move to Server 2008
  • Mining – An SAP platform upgrade enabling new features and significant performance improvements
  • Mining – An Oracle platform upgrade enabling continued vendor support and performance

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