Delivering innovative technology solutions for healthcare providers

In a sector as important to society as health, delivering innovative technology solutions for healthcare providers across the medical and patient care spectrum is what drives our industry specialists to make a real difference.

For over a decade, Modis health industry ICT specialists have been developing and implementing highest quality technology solutions for healthcare providers nationwide.

We know first-hand the major challenges Australia’s health sector faces, having supported government and private organisations to best manage the impact of our aging population’s growing demand for health care and the increase in lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes. And as budgets come under pressure to do more with less, we all still expect patient-centric care that’s smarter, higher quality and more integrated.

Our deep expertise and industry experience allows us to develop and implement the right solutions, such as working with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine to create a new IT foundation and replace their multiple legacy systems. These solutions go to the heart of the client-need and patient-benefit, streamlining the delivery of mobile, multi-provider and multi-site health care. Solutions like our award winning Population Health Intervention Management System developed for NSW Health not only improve productivity, it makes a difference where it matters most – to people’s lives.

The problems we solve

In an often dis-jointed healthcare system that’s prone to duplication, overlaps and inefficient handoffs, we develop technologies that improve performance for healthcare providers and outcomes for patients.

Our solutions address the big issues and challenges facing the sector, such as:

  • Integrating GP, hospital, aged care and community and allied health services
  • Modernising, mobilising and integrating legacy health systems to improve information quality and reduce costs
  • Harnessing mobile technology to enable telehealth and hospital-in-the-home services
  • Digitising health organisations to reduce cost and streamline processes
  • Promoting prevention and wellness through accurate population health analysis and planning

How we solve them

Integration is at the heart of everything we do, with a deep focus on collating information from multiple systems and locations, to make it available to practitioners, clinicians and policymakers, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

We do this by combining our ICT expertise with our specialist health sector experience, tailoring our services and solutions across:

  • Analysis and change. Working with clinicians to adopt new processes and practices
  • Program and project management. Directing and guiding the development of new systems
  • Architecture. Building integration between multiple clinical systems
  • Information management. Integrating and synthesising information from diverse data sets to create information platforms for intelligence and analytics
  • Integration and application development. Developing and integrating software that streamlines multi-service delivery

Our clients include:

  • WA Health – Fiona Stanley Hospital, Health Information Network
  • NSW Health - eHealth Population Health Division
  • Queensland Health Communicable Diseases Unit
  • Queensland Department of Health
  • Royal District Nurses Services
  • Cancer Institute of New South Wales
  • Melbourne Primary Health Network
  • Benetas Aged Care
  • Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM)
  • Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA)

How Modis can help

With service excellence our focus, our solutions connect you with the world’s smartest minds, to assist with the development and delivery of your products or services.