Management Consulting

Clear, smart thinking to unlock insight and enable decision making

Right now, leaders must respond and adapt at a frenetic pace. Leveraging seamless smart platforms and toolsets, we continue to offer our full range of Management Consulting services.

Our clients work with us to:

  • Make critical ‘best bet’ decisions in the face of conflicting information, competing priorities and overwhelming complexity
  • Drive rapid changes to operating models, technology, policies, processes and governance, while mitigating risks from second and third order consequences
  • Maintain effective oversight, while leveraging distributed teams, agile approaches, communications channels & new operating rhythms
  • Innovate at speed, while ensuring effective governance around information management, technology and people practices
  • Ensure leaders have the clarity, capability and confidence to act on what matters, right now, working with our experienced executive coaches.

Our Management Consulting purpose is clear. Smart thinking to unlock insight and enable decision making, creating clarity, capability and the confidence to act.

We bring the right people together, to challenge established practice and drive transformation, and the right technology to navigate the constant shifts and complexity of our digital world.

We bring agility and pragmatism, working with you to create the best fit capabilities, structures, systems and process to deliver high performance.

You bring a desire to do what matters, be your best, achieve results and make a difference. 

Together we work to shape your future. Connect Smarter.

Strategy, governance and decision making

Business-critical decision making requires judgement in the face of uncertainty, conflicting information, competing priorities and overwhelming complexity.

Drawing on deep smarts in strategy and leadership, decision making, risk management, stakeholder engagement and high performance teams, we ensure your team is on the same page, inspired by a common purpose, with a clear map to the future, a means of knowing whether you’re on track and ready to execute with confidence.

Digital business consulting

Technology is central to successful strategy execution, enabling your organisation to Perform effectively in the here and now, Transform for sustainability and Innovate to shape the future. Technology is our DNA. From envisioning, through business capability assessment to action, this connects to our deep expertise across the technology ecosphere.

We live and breathe innovative digital solutions that can transform your business quickly and securely.

Transformation and change

Whether you’re looking to design and drive a large scale business or digital transformation, lead a major program of work, shift to more Agile ways of operating or just need assistance with running key technology related projects and designing effective organisational change management, we bring expertise and evidenced based frameworks and capability to get you there.

Lead effectively, engage your people, customers and stakeholders and ensure you have the right structures,  systems and governance in place to transform your business.

Leadership and organisational development

If you are looking to build your capability to lead and deliver, our portfolio offers a range of development & advisory services:

  • Diagnostic and maturity level assessment across all areas of our Portfolio
  • Strategy, Decision Making & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Transformation & Organisational Change
  • Strategic Influencing & Negotiation
  • Human Capital Consulting – linking strategy to workforce capability & performance
  • Organisational Design
  • Board and Executive Team Effectiveness
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Culture Survey & Employee Engagement Diagnostics
  • Leadership & Management Coaching & Mentoring, including a wide range of 360 and self-report diagnostics
  • Leadership Forums and Tailored Development Programs, for example, Executive Level Decision Making, Decision Quality Quest, Design Thinking in a Day, Team Charters, Shifting to Agile, Building a Team of Teams
  • Workshop Facilitation & Reporting.
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