Delivering new integrated technology solutions for the land titles and property sales sector

The multi-billion dollar land titles and property sales sector is changing rapidly and the drive to digitise property transactions calls for new, integrated technology solutions that we’re pioneering at Modis.

With the land titles and property sales sector playing a vital role in the Australian economy, there is a pressing need to integrate and automate processes to manage the increasing size of transactions and compliance.

It’s something we’ve specialised in since 2009.

Right now, with land sector experts nationwide, we’re harnessing the latest technologies to innovate integration and application modernisation solutions that are transforming land title registration and management nationwide. Our case studies show just how effective and efficient this approach can be.

How we solve them

We have extensive experience in this sector and have delivered a broad range of key projects, providing a diverse array of integrated managed services and support solutions.

These initiatives and others are executed alongside the continued management and enhancement of Landgate services, covering business-critical, spatial and internal systems.

Given this breadth of engagement, we draw on and combine specialist our expertise across:

  • Managed services
  • Application modernisation
  • Cloud solutions
  • Strategic consulting
  • Integration services
  • Enterprise applications

Our partners include:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft
  • ITC Infotech

How Modis can help

With service excellence our focus, our solutions connect you with the world’s smartest minds, to assist with the development and delivery of your products or services.