The digital era is driving a world of change for education

The digital era is driving a world of change for education, and online education presents significant opportunities to create more flexible education services. It’s a challenge we’re committed to deliver on.

Australia’s education organisations are under greater scrutiny than ever. This requires a response that supports the delivery of appropriate.

Modis’ Education team harnesses new technologies to develop and deploy innovative, award-winning solutions that help our clients improve their educational effectiveness and increase safety for their students. Our solutions allow education organisations to:

  • Integrate services and share information seamlessly
  • Leverage technology to focus key personnel on teaching activities instead of back end administrative work
  • Embrace new technologies – from mobility and business intelligence solutions, to social media and flexible, low-cost cloud-based operational systems
  • Create intelligence and predicative capabilities to improve performance across the education system, while minimising costs
  • Leverage social media intelligence and emergency communication technology to increase the safety of students

The problems we solve

Legacy systems and budgets are under increasing pressure and our Education organisations face a myriad of challenges.

We understand the problems and technicalities – from a technology and industry perspective. We’ve been supporting transforming industries in transformation for over a decade, creating highly efficient and cost-effective built-for-purpose solutions, such as:

  • Creating digital strategies for universities to modernise and transform their business
  • Education modernisation of applications to streamline process and reduce costs
  • Digitising paper based activities leveraging cloud integration technologies
  • Award winning mobility solutions to increase workforce efficiencies
  • Helping Education providers implement and integrate Student Management Systems, either custom built or off the shelf

Our approach

As a systems integrator, we’re intimately acquainted with the best ways to harness and apply new technologies to achieve the best ROI and outcomes. It’s all about understanding your organisations unique requirements so we can develop a tailored solution, drawing on our expertise and integrated capabilities across:

  • Application modernisation
  • Managed services
  • Business analytics
  • Integration solutions
  • Microsoft business solutions
  • Mobility

Our clients include

  • Department of Education WA
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Victorian College of Anaesthetists
  • Department of Training & Workforce Development

How Modis can help

With service excellence our focus, our solutions connect you with the world’s smartest minds, to assist with the development and delivery of your products or services. 

  • Analytics
  • Automation and AI
  • Application Modernisation
  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Systems Integration
  • Microsoft
  • Mobility