Specialised technology and mathematical resources for complex challenges

Business Analytics is complex, both in technology and mathematics, it requires specialist (therefore hard-to-find) resources and can be challenging to embed into existing processes.

The technology ecosystem has hundreds of competing tools and is changing daily, the mathematics involved is difficult and the results are complex to translate into actionable insights. Done correctly however, Business Analytics promises the ability to tap into a wealth of knowledge hidden in your vast amount of ever-expanding data, enabling your organisation to make faster, smarter decisions; with a lower cost of entry and fast ROI.

Embarking on a Business Analytics programme therefore presents an interesting challenge; do you invest in a toolset, recruit and upskill resources; but run the risks of the technology becoming rapidly superseded, managing specialist resources and dealing with potentially expanding costs; do you choose not to invest in Business Analytics until the technology and methodologies mature to best-practice and risk being left behind Organisations that are ‘doing’ Analytics and developing market-edge capabilities.

Modis Australia Business Analytics as-a-service offers another approach to developing your Business Analytics capability and finding your market-edge.

Modern Policing using AI

Söze delivers huge productivity gains by automatically discovering objects and relationships in massive police digital information datasets. Using the power of AI, analytics and secure cloud, Söze allows police to think in more abstract ways to analyse investigative avenues far faster and more accurately than ever before.

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The Analytics Platform

Analytics - Our Experience

Our Experience

We have developed a Business Analytics service offering, underpinned by our skilled consultants and our own analytics platform: built in Azure using best-of-breed components. We provide for you the Business Analytics trifecta: Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge, mathematicians and statisticians (Data Scientists) and our extensive information technology (IT) experience.

By leveraging our own platform, we can keep costs to a minimum because we know how it works; this makes development of capability to discover new insights faster, support of your service cheaper and enables us to customise it to work with your business processes, easier.

Our consultants have extensive experience in your industry; whether it’s Mining & Energy, Education, Transport, Health, Public Safety & Emergency Services or Lands - we have experts who understand your business: its challenges, processes and legislative requirements. We are also IT specialists, so understand the complexity of running business information systems which support your critical business processes.

Our Data Platform

The Application Modernisation Data Platform

Our data science team have experience in a wide variety of domains and actively compete in Kaggle competitions, which means their skills are honed and they remain up-to-date on development of new algorithms. Our data scientists have also built up a large repository of publicly and commercially available datasets, which we use to enhance your data in the search for actionable insights.

We employ engineers with expert knowledge of OSI / SCADA / HISTORIAN control systems supported by teams of data wranglers with over 2 decades of experience in the business intelligence discipline.

We understand your business, we work with you to understand and implement these insights into your business processes.

How Modis can help

With service excellence our focus, our solutions connect you with the world’s smartest minds, to assist with the development and delivery of your products or services. 

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