Global Service Desk

Global Service Desk

IT Outsourcing Posted 16 August 2018
The task: transfer the client’s SDC and TSS services to a fully managed outsourcing model for end-to-end service delivery

Business Need

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Our client has the ambition of being a leader in a new era of IT Services. As part of that, it has an ongoing global initiative to aggressively transform its business.

The business required assistance with workforce management in order to allow them to remix skills to meet the requirements of its customers. 


We solved our client's challenge by taking on their SDC (Shared Delivery Center) and TSS (Technical Support Services). When they placed these in our hands, our client knew they weregiving them to a top-tier expert in strategic workforce management.

All of our managed services were defined in detail in Service Level Agreements. We also instituted KPIs and metrics for all service delivery.

Our team ensured that several core services were in scope:

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Data Center Services
  • Network Services
  • End User Device (Mobile/ Desktop)
  • Service Desk
  • Enterprise Network Support
  • Client Device Support
  • Systems Management Operations and Project Management

The depth of service provided and governance systems in place, assured our client of our ability to provide a consistent quality and speed of delivery.


We have provided our client with access to over 800 FTEs in 12 locations across Italy.

Within our first year partnering with our client, we delivered annual cost savings in line with expectations set at the beginning of the contract and we have committed to delivering eight times the savings over the course of a five-year contract


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