Financial Services & Insurance

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As tech transforms the finance industry, consumer demand for greater convenience, enhanced user experience and more efficient service is intensifying. So, how are financial institutions overcoming these unprecedented challenges, and capitalizing on the opportunities? They’re engaging consulting, outsourcing and staffing partners to control costs, collect and interpret data, and ensure compliance.

Whether your approach to innovation is to do it with the team you have, or to acquire promising start-ups (or some combination), collaboration with our consultants can yield modernized systems and new capabilities for existing services. As our partner, you’ll have access to our global recruiting network, allowing you to quickly connect with the very best specialists, regardless of when and where you need them.

Your team of financial and insurance specialists has expertise in areas such as:

  • Brokerage
  • Claims Systems
  • Clearance and settlement
  • Credit card processing and distribution
  • CRM
  • Investment banking
  • Loan processing and distribution
  • Mortgage banking
  • Portfolio management
  • Private banking
  • Retail banking
  • Wealth management

Additionally, our network of professionals specializes in financial environment niches, including Basel II, Fidessa, Marketview, Martini, Murex, Summit and Triarch.

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