Shift. Drive. Arrive.

The automotive industry is experiencing a major movement.

While incremental changes have certainly improved comfort, speed, efficiency and reliability in transportation, the industry is still ripe for disruption. Driverless and pilotless vehicles, and real-time monitoring of vehicle movements are only the beginning. Massive changes to infrastructure will be necessary to implement these advances.

Automation is already transforming transportation—and we’re talking about more than autonomous cars. The first fully autonomous cargo ship is scheduled for operation by 2020. Western Australia has already blazed a trail with the first autonomous, heavy-haul rail network. The implications for the industry as a whole are inspiring.

And, while the technology is advancing, the industry’s goals remain relatively unchanged— greater operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, minimizing risks to passengers and goods, reducing costs, and, of course, delivering on time.

Modis excels at providing technical expertise to augment and upgrade the information technology systems that you need to stay on schedule and ahead of the automation curve. And, because automotive needs vary seasonally, we can ramp your consultant levels up or down promptly, thus reducing expenses.

Our staffing solutions and managed services can help your business assess the ways data and analytics can be harnessed to reduce costs, increase production and pave the way for automation. From design and prototype to planning and operating the network services you require, we can find the smartest specialists and the right solutions for you.

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