Innovate. Develop. Manufacture.

From innovation to manufacturing, the engineering sector is being stirred by exciting transformations.

Digital innovation is revolutionising the world of engineering. The convergence of technologies, seen in Industry 4.0, the applications of AI and automation, is empowering businesses to excel.

Modis operates at the heart of today’s technology convergence. We believe only cross-sectional thinking can unlock true innovation. To properly embed innovation in business processes, it's necessary to concentrate on understanding what talent is needed and how to deploy it against real business problems.

That’s why we've built a global network of over 18,000 engineering colleagues. They're engaged in applying their best-in-class minds to partner with our clients in discovering the most innovative solutions to their challenges.

Whether you need to develop a leading R&D function for innovation, require a product designed and built end-to-end or want to significantly reduce time-to-market, we have the expertise required to uncover the right solutions.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is experiencing huge swells of growth and as such, has great demand for the right quality of candidate looking for a career in the specific engineering industry and Modis has the best people in place to make these connections for your business.
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Defence Engineering

Defence engineering is an industry experiencing a rapid expansion with no sign of slowing down from an upward trajectory. Here at Modis we can help to accelerate your companies needs by finding ideal candidates for careers in the industry space.

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