Key Industries

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An expanding global focus on smart industries.

As the worlds of engineering, life sciences and IT continue to become more interconnected—with digital disruptors at the center of this convergence—the influence of digital engineering is creating the new “smart industry.”

At Modis, we have been building a deep understanding of the industries we serve for more than 30 years, helping our partners anticipate and adapt to changes, and, in the process, becoming their most trusted technology and digital engineering partner. Modis is that partner.

Today, we see the impact of the new “smart industry” in nearly every sector we serve, but especially in areas such as automotive, industrial manufacturing, software and internet, financial services, and energy and environmental.

Drawing on our deep industry knowledge and our multidisciplinary technology expertise, we connect our clients—in all industries—to the solutions they need to work smarter and outperform expectations.

With a global community of the most intelligent IT and engineering specialists, we’re focused on helping our partners—in these and all industries we serve—rise to the challenges and optimize the opportunities created by digital transformation.

Software, Internet & Communication

The rising need for greater connectivity was already driving demand for improvements to existing networks and infrastructure. Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Now, the need to stay connected is more critical than ever. But, with great challenges, come great opportunities—opportunities to scale telecommunications infrastructure to handle global demand, to develop more innovative software solutions, and to connect in newer, smarter ways. This is a defining moment for the Software, Internet & communication industry. Look to us for the services, solutions and skills you need to optimize this opportunity.

Energy & Environmental

The increased desire for a sustainable future is transforming the way we power our homes, businesses and cities. It is changing how we get from point a to point b. It is even causing a shift in how the way we cultivate and consume our food. This wave of change has led to a period of digital transformation in the Energy & Environmental industries. As an industry that was built on finite resources now makes the move to a more progressive and sustainable model, we are there with the IT and engineering solutions and skills needed to nurture innovation, efficiency and evolution.

Industrial Manufacturing

How do you embrace disruption without causing it? In the new world of Industrial Manufacturing, it’s a balancing act of enabling transformation in design, production and testing, while simultaneously ensuring you have the skills needed to make the most of these emerging efficiency-drivers. As the manufacturing process becomes more automated and software-dependent, connect with us for the smartest solutions and the industry expertise you need to increase efficiency and fully embrace disruption.

Financial Services

In a world where many face-to-face transactions have been replaced by face-to-screen, capital has truly become digital. Existing and emerging customer segments are relying more than ever on financial institutions to deliver faster, more secure and highly customized user experiences. The rise in digitalization is also providing financial organizations with more consumer data than ever—data that, when collected and analyzed properly can be used to improve services and make critical business decisions. With our knowledge of the financial industry combined with our digital expertise, we can help you capitalize on the developing opportunities in this sector.

Life Sciences

The development of new medications and methods for early detection of diseases is as important as ever today. Cutting edge technologies like 3d-printing and the importance of big data in scientific research are on the rise. We at Modis understand the need for highly qualified talents to solve current and future problems and are here to provide you with the best workforce available on the market.

Automotive & Transportation

Technological disruption and the growing synergy between IT and engineering is powering increased innovation in the automotive and transportation industries. The digitalization of these sectors is resulting in more connected and more autonomous vehicles. In addition, new and evolving emission standards are driving the demand for more electric and hybrid transportation. Partner with us for the solutions and services you need to develop and implement new digital technologies, achieve competitive advantages, and foster the skills necessary to optimize productivity and innovation.

Project Management

We believe that the future belongs to those who drive innovation, shape change and connect through collaboration. That's why Modis combines the latest key technologies to work with our customers to develop the solutions of the future. We bring together top companies with the brightest minds throughout Switzerland. They are all passionate about using their talents for the most challenging tasks of today and tomorrow.