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Modis Innovation Lab - Robotics Process Automation

Posted 24 September 2018
We put together a tailored solution to eliminate Swivel Chair work through Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Business Need

Magnifying glass

Our client was using significant resource on case exchange activities between two ticketing systems. This was low-volume work but required swivel agents to be available at all times during work hours. Innovating a new case exchange solution would have a high cost.

So the business required a solution that was:

  • Automated case exchange activities between 2 ticketing systems
  • Be available at all hours
  • Follow a rule-based process to be followed for normal, standard and emergency change requests
  • Cost-efficient


We put together a tailored RPA solution for our client that monitors the two ticketing systems and performs case exchange activities within the defined process rules. This solutions allows the automated system to:

  • Raise new change records
  • Update existing change records
  • Send email notification to stakeholders
  • RPA solution works in unattended mode


Our client benefited from a fully end-to-end automation of its process and freed up resource to focus on other projects. As well as an efficiency gain of two Full Time Employees, the business saw:

  • Improved speed, accuracy and SLA compliance
  • Low cost of development and high ROI

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