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Data Visualization's Breakthrough Moment in the COVID-19 Crisis

Olivier Libens Posted 31 August 2020

The complexity and importance of COVID-19 has put data, models and visualization into the center of everyday life. Interactive data visualizations are in high demand to persuade and understand current conditions and to predict future outcomes of the virus’ impact. Data visualizations not only play a crucial role in public explanation, they also contribute to a better understanding of the importance of a drastic shift in behavior. We have become very disciplined in a very short time, partly through data visualization. Besides its educational role, data visualizations became indispensable tools for governments to take the right decisions at the right time. They helped to flatten the curve and saved lives while limiting economical damage.

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Over the past 30 years, data visualization tools became more and more integrated into conferences, journals and evolution studies. Nowadays, interactive data visualizations are an essential part of online newspapers. A phenomenon reinforced by the current crisis. Many prestigious organizations and universities have come up with some innovative COVID-19 trackers and maps. The one of John Hopkins University is the most prominent. All of them follow the well-established information visualization mantra: “Overview first, zoom and filter, then details-on-demand”, laying the foundation for the current strong interest.


Our highly skilled professionals within Modis have thorough knowledge and extensive experience of the most commonly used corporate visualization leaders, such as Tableau and Microsoft’s Power BI. We fully commit to putting our tools to work on company data to answer the complex challenges of doing business in today’s dynamic world.

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