Technology & Communications

We're only at the start of the era of global interconnectivity. 

400 million
20.4 billion

An explosion in the number of devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive demand exponentially, both at a consumer and enterprise level. 

The strain placed on existing networks by rapid adoption is fuelling innovation in this space. Developing markets are taking advantage of the fresh starts to telecommunications infrastructure by focusing on mobile build-outs. Now, most Internet data in China travels through the air, rather than under the ground.

New cross-ocean submarine cables are being laid to ensure the global Internet can cope, including those provided by private enterprise. Digital whispers are turning into a roar.
 In the context of the sheer scale of demand and the amount of data passing through these networks, three trends are increasingly in focus:

1. Security concerns underpin the growing Internet of Things 

After years of PowerPoint slides - and jokes - about how the IoT will amount to a fridge ordering milk, the true character and scale of the transformation is becoming clear. Consider the implications of the number of connected devices rising from 8.4 billion in 2017 to 20.4 billion by 2020.

No longer just computers and smartphones, but cars, homes, offices and - yes - fridges are networked. And as interconnectivity grows, enabling further automation and driving more opportunities for well-placed companies, we become ever more reliant on the Internet and its connections.

There are real risks: each additional device offers another opening hackers and cyber-criminals can exploit in order to illegally access networks. Of course, they can get access to valuable data. But they can also interfere with smoke detectors, security systems or medical devices, threatening lives.

This gives cautious CIOs pause before allowing such devices on their networks. Before their firms can fully experience the benefits of IoT, they need to improve their network management, firewalls and hardware integration. To help them - and everyone else - in this, manufacturers are ramping up security in both software and hardware designs.

We have a global network of nearly 30,000 Colleagues with cross-domain expertise in engineering and IT services. No matter your needs - from designing and prototyping IoT devices, to planning and operating the network services you required to monitor and control them, to ensuring the best possible security for your networks - we can find the right solution for you.

2. Saturation will drive hardware demand

As Internet connectivity and the number of connected devices grow enormously, reliable and fast access to wireless networks becomes increasingly important for both companies and consumers. This is underlined by the fact that smartphones are turning into mobile hotspots to connect additional devices to the Internet. Network operators will have to accommodate a projected 700% increase in data usage between 2016-2021.

In France, a huge rollout of 4G is underway. 80% of the population already have access. The country achieved this by outlining what consumer barriers needed to be overcome, such as connectivity dead zones, and distributed the 700MHz band to operators. 5G will help increase throughput and ease over-taxation.

Our colleagues have specialisms ranging from mobile development to testing and implementing infrastructure changes. Depending on your requirements, we can assist you in finding the right talent for your needs or take on new development and innovation projects ourselves.

3. Digitization is the future

Customers will want to be able to communicate with companies and complete tasks on the go via their digital devices. Yet the promise of cost-cutting, consumer-facing AI can only be fully met when communication is digital. That's why it's of prime importance that companies are able to migrate customers to digital channels. 

To maintain control, mobile, online and offline customer contact and sales channels need to be digitally linked and stored in a single database. When that happens, companies know more about their customers, are able to sell to them more efficiently, spend less time hunting down their details and make them happier in the process.

Our network of smart minds specialising in Engineering and IT can rapidly deploy talent at levels that meet the needs of digitisation, including a world-leading project-management capability delivering our tried-and-tested methodologies and processes.

We partner with you to solve these technological challenges

We believe there hasn’t been a more exciting period of growth in Technology and Communications. That’s why we focus on bringing a multi-disciplined perspective to solve the problems coming to the industry. Whether it’s developing and maintaining new software services, prototyping new IoT hardware or scaling databases to handle global demand, we look forward to collaborating with you in finding the right solution. 


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  • Big Data
  • Cybersecurity
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  • E-learning services (Educational and Editorial)
  • E-commerce
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  • Network architecture, terminals and equipment
  • IT operations
  • Hardware design and prototyping
  • Application Support
  • Data Center & Network Support

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