Energy & Mining

The average consumer is familiar with some of the biggest challenges facing Energy & Mining.


Demand and therefore prices are subject to sudden massive shifts, eventually reflected in petrol pump prices and the cost of other commodities. 

Our most-used fuels and mined resources are finite commodities that our planet cannot replace. Research & Development improves extraction and utilisation efficiencies but takes time and a huge investment.
We've entered, however, an exhilarating period of digital and technological transformation that's broken down the divisions between the IT, Engineering and Life Sciences sectors.
Businesses will require particularly innovative thinking to secure and maintain competitive advantages that will last long term. It's therefore vital to implement the correct strategies now to ensure sustained commercial growth.
Three key trends are transforming Energy & Mining:

1. The digital revolution 

Digital disruption is affecting strategies and operating models through all sectors and industries. Energy & Mining is no exception. Energy & Mining is no exception. The potential for digital to reduce waste and unlock new revenue opportunities is significant.

Big Data collection and analysis will help eradicate execution waste due to processing variability. Time and people-intensive processes will be automated. The ability to compute complex, interconnected information at superhuman speed, accuracy and scale will bring a new wave of
invention to transportation, energy efficiency and resource extraction.
We recognise how skills in IT, Engineering and Life Sciences must be used holistically, to ensure a continued stream of innovation, as well as putting innovation into action in the coming years.
Our multi-skilled network of bright minds can combine scientific, operational, technological and engineering expertise and operate as individuals or in agile teams, assembled quickly.

2. Manufacturing and changing demands 

Manufacturing of the tools and components used in Energy & Mining for discovery, generation and componentry are becoming more digitally-enabled. This will greatly improve activities that have traditionally been carried out manually or with human-controlled machinery.

National grids will become more sophisticated and - to support the massive consumer demand for energy to power electric cars and the big bang of smart devices - will become more efficient at a national level, with greater distribution as micro-grids powering city blocks and districts.

IT and Engineering methods will have to change to keep pace. Modis Data Center services can establish and support the databases and analysis necessary to operate a wide network of connected smart devices. Our pool of over 18,000 engineers can ensure that the right manufacturing capabilities for tools, grids and industrial plants are applied for future technologies.

3. The renewables and nuclear shift

The evolution of installed renewable energy capacity continues to exceed expectations. The International Energy Agency (IEA) now thinks that by 2022, renewables will equal around half of the current global capacity in coal power.

Meanwhile nuclear energy investment continues to rise with hopes of nuclear providing 25% of all electrical needs by 2050

To meet the demand for non-fossil fuel energy, Energy businesses will need to re-establish supply chains to include photovoltaic and turbine manufacturing. They will also need to recalculate environmental impacts of the new technology, understand how to best acquire and recycle the raw mined materials and continue to invest heavily in novel R&D.

We can partner with you to bring engineers and IT specialists in power grid building and monitoring services to assess demand and responses to improve your efficiency. We can also assist with supply chain management, the design and build of photovoltaics and turbines necessary to embrace this shift.

How Modis can help

Our industry specialists are ready to partner with you to deliver a wide variety of services in this industry, including:


  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Electricity Production
  • Environmental impact studies
  • IoT Solutions
  • Mechanical and Software engineering
  • Nuclear and renewable energy
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Production plants: design & operations
  • Safety
  • Software Engineering
  • Transportation and distribution of electricity
There's an exhilarating transformation in Energy & Mining. A series of revolutions are making the industry more digital, environmentally friendly and forward thinking, responding to a wave of change in consumer demands. Businesses that innovate will forge a thriving future.

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