Construction & Civil Engineering 

Construction & Civil Engineering is seeing a period sustained growth, driven partly by the increase in the world’s population but also by the explosion of activity in developing markets. 

8.1 billion
1 trillion

The strain on traditional construction methods and materials is leading to an unparalleled period of innovation in how we build and ‘who’ builds it.

The sector must adapt to ensure its talent is multi-disciplined and its processes are informed by new technologies and methodologies to ensure a solid foundation for future success is built.

Trends to watch for include:

1. The rise of new construction methods

Off-site construction has been around for decades but factory-produced components for construction, and even entire 3D-printed builds, are finally entering mainstream production. 

These methodologies can greatly reduce production time, cutting costs and allowing assets and products to generate a quicker return.

Yet a wholesale shift to these modern methods of construction will require the industry to radically change the way it approaches construction design, working in data-driven environments and exploring advanced computer assistance for design, testing and building.

We understand just how important it is to address this convergence of IT and Engineering. That’s why we've built a global community of highly skilled Consultants, Associates and Freelancers. Our people can therefore meet the challenges of new construction with joined-up, creative thinking and doing.

2. The Internet of Things

Construction tools are changing. Connected devices filled with sensors give us huge amounts of information about Construction and Civil Engineering activities while defying traditional construction approaches. These are transforming how we ‘see’ materials, workers and work-in-progress.

Drones can remotely, and from a high perspective, survey sites before work starts and then can monitor progress, build-quality and health and safety behaviour. RFID-enabled tools and materials can, for example, ensure timely supply replenishment and assist remote usage monitoring.

These devices substantially reduce the amount of human time spent onsite, improve the accuracy measurements and ensure compliance with regulations. We support businesses in connecting machines, objects, people and environments – transforming data into value for companies, employees and customers.

3. Data-enabled Construction

The digital revolution is shaping construction processes through all phases of Construction.

This informs how we manage projects through to completion, how civil engineers design and how we ensure quality throughout the construction cycle.

Large, connected data sets are crucial to this but the volume and types of data businesses are now capable of collecting are vast. And data on its own is unhelpful. The value is unlocked with the tools, skills and processes to carry out statistical, scientific and machine-learning analysis.

We offer a full range of services that can help collect and interpret data. From engineering the sensors necessary, to creating specialized IT structures for storage, integration and analysis, our experts can connect your machines, objects, people and environments – transforming data into value.


How can Modis help

Our industry specialists are ready to partner with you to deliver a wide variety of services in this industry, including:

  • Agile/SCRUM/Agile Testing
  • Automation Engineering
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Civil Engineering
  • Development of complex technical equipment & tools
  • IoT solutions
  • Parts & drawings
  • Product design
  • Product engineering
  • Project management – supporting suppliers, planning and technical documentation
  • Simulation
  • Software Engineering

Consulting & Professional Staffing

We bring our expertise to your business, on-site, connecting the smartest people and brightest businesses to the opportunities they need to thrive.

We can provide whatever is required to fit into your development cycle, whenever it's needed and to the highest standards.

Project Services

We connect the smartest talent with specialized skills to form a multi-talented team. Integrating into your organisation or serving in a consultative role.

Our services are managed through SLAs and KPIs, ensuring the highest-degree of operational excellence throughout the project.

Outsourcing & Managed Services

Your challenge is our challenge and the risk is ours.
We deploy a portfolio of services and solutions at a fixed price with a guaranteed outcome. This ranges from large and highly complex work packages to smaller, lower-complexity packages where we take responsibility for all components. This means it's much easier to focus on your core competencies, while we manage the risk.

Customized Services & Solutions

Here we don't provide the experts, we provide the product they build with their expertise.
With delivery centres and centres of excellence on three continents (NA/Europe/Asia), we can quickly connect teams of specialists to build the required solution for you. It's our responsibility to make sure it's within time, quality and budget.
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