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Real-world evidence programs

Real-world evidence helps life science companies, payers and clinicians gain a deeper understanding of real-world environments, including populations, care patterns, treatment outcomes, drug safety and disease burdens. In this way, it supports decision-making when it comes to the authorization of and access to new medicines and reimbursement. Our experts can help your company unlock the potential of real-world insights by analyzing existing data.

Full outsourcing solutions

Our team handles real-world evidence projects from end to end: from design and execution to results dissemination in, for example, oncology, hematology, ophthalmology, cardiology & neurology. Solutions include:

  • retrospective medical chart review studies;
  • observational studies (Phase IV);
  • registries in collaboration with physicians and pharmacists;

Our multidisciplinary team draws on years of experience in medical writing and medical consultancy services, clinical operations, statistical analysis and project management.

Our experts

You can count on professional support from experts that share our values of trust, close cooperation and excellence.

  • Business consultants specialized in regulatory compliance and quality
  • Clinical trial assistants, research associates & project managers
  • Statisticians
  • Publication writers
  • Congress coordinators
  • Publication managers
  • Web disclosure coordinators

Target markets

Every project requires different types of collaboration and knowledge-sharing activities. We’re familiar with all the standard tools available – and many extras.

  • eCRF
    We can develop an electronic case report form for your study.
  • We can set up a data collection platform to collect aggregated medical data and patient reported outcomes

Supporting IT Tools

Our experts are skilled in setting up processes and tools that support the reporting capabilities needed to share supply chain insights. These tools provide data analytics and strong visuals that add value to your business processes. Our success stories include custom dashboards and cloud reporting solutions such as Power BI and Tableau.


Modis provides real-world evidence data on a novel leukemia treatment to support reimbursement renewal

Client core business

The company is a global pharmaceutical company that manufactures a therapy for leukemia.

How Modis added value

For our client to qualify for reimbursement renewal, the client was requested by the reimbursement agency to provide real-world evidence regarding the use and effectiveness of the treatment for the Belgian population within three years.

Our team of project managers helped the client design a Phase IV study in Belgium to collect the required data. This study was fully managed by Modis experts in different fields, including scientific writing, project management, site management and monitoring, data management and statistics. In addition, we developed an electronic data collection platform.

Thanks to our support, the company successfully collected the required data within three years and was able to renew the reimbursement of the treatment.

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