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Modis Innovation Lab - RPA Service Desk Optimization

Posted 24 September 2018

We helped our clients to optimize their email processing and improve efficiency through the use of Robotics Process Optimisation Software (RPA) to automate repetitive work.

Business Need

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How could we eliminate work associated with service desk personnel manually handling inbound emails and creating ticket records?

Answering this question was of high importance to our client because:

  • Email, as a channel, generated a high volume of tickets
  • Their existing process was labor-intensive: Service Desk personnel had to monitor the mailbox and manually create tickets for incidents and service requests
  • Tickets created in workflow had to be equally distributed among service desk agents
  • Our client had a 24x7 support window and aggressive SLA response times which meant that the correct handling of tickets had a huge impact on response speeds


We created an automated solution for our client's Service Desk mailbox that managed inbound emails, created tickets in workflow and automatically distributed to the right people or systems for further processing.

This involved:

  • Automatic ticket creation in workflow for incidents and service requests
  • Automatic ticket log updates from emails related to existing tickets
  • Equal distribution of new tickets among service desk personnel
  • The RPA solution can be left to work on its own without monitoring


Our robotic solution handles an average of 90% of inbound emails. It therefore significantly reduces the amount of manual work the Service Desk needs to perform. The gains for our client were significant:

  1. An efficiency gain of five FTEs
  2. Improved speed, accuracy and SLA compliance
  3. Three minutes on average saved per activity

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