Beyond the highway

Publié 24 July 2018

E-mobility represents a change that will move far beyond the auto sector, potentially transforming lives and communities all around the world. Which means, potentially your own backyard.

E-mobility will have a far-reaching societal impact, reducing the planet’s dependency on oil as well as driving down energy and transportation costs for both businesses and consumers:

  • 66% - the projected drop in cost per mile of transportation due to shared autonomous vehicles;
  • 25% - the anticipated increase in total US miles traveled by 2040 alone because of e-mobility’s convenience, speed and cost-effectiveness.
  • $435 - the amount US households could save in transportation costs per year by joining a car-sharing scheme
  • €1,500 - the amount of annual revenue that could be generated by selling an EV’s stored electricity using smart grid technology.

This increase in disposable income will be spent on local and regional businesses/services. Such spending in turn will generate wider employment opportunities and critically boost economic growth. Away from this emerging landscape, it’s also important to understand that many new services and business models – and their potential for job creation – remain unknown; that their future is impossible to chart at such an early stage in the technology’s evolution.

In other words, e-mobility does not represent a threat to global workforces. Rather it will be a catalyst for new, sustainable job opportunities, enterprise and positive societal change. This is not to overlook the potential adaptive pains that will be felt in the auto sector and beyond – but in the long term, EVs and e-mobility can deliver massive gains for all in society, both economically and environmentally.

Car engineers

About this report

This report was created by Modis, global leader in professional solutions for IT, engineering and life sciences. By working in partnership with our clients and candidates, we deliver end-to-end solutions ranging from professional staffing and consulting to developing entire solutions.

To underline our ongoing commitment to the e-mobility sector, Modis is the new official partner of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, an obvious partnership as we share the same commitment to innovation in technology, performance and sustainability.

With more than 2,000 of our engineers and experts working on e-mobility solutions across the world, we are also innovating in several other e-mobility areas:

  • Provider of vehicle charger installation for major car manufacturers across 18 countries
  • Tier 1 supplier of new software development for autonomous vehicles
  • Provider of all autonomous vehicle driving tests and data analysis for a leader in internet-related services and products
  • Provider of engineering experts and resources, designing and developing the robots and Human Machine Interfaces required for the next generation of car factories.

Modis operates across the entire industry lifecycle from concept and prototyping, design and development, test and validation through to manufacturing, engineering and customer support. Our value chain runs through sectors as diverse as renewable energy, software companies, car manufacturers, robotics companies, and other service providers.

Our mission is to support and nurture e-mobility throughout its development journey, not only by sourcing the best talent in IT and engineering – but also by being a partner and advocate for innovation, technology and consultancy within the e-mobility ecosystem.

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