Janssen works with Modis to implement healthcare data platform

Janssen works with Modis to implement healthcare data platform

Multi-stakeholder collaboration and open innovation Publié 07 May 2019

Client core business

Janssen is a Belgium-based pharmaceutical company that develops treatments for serious disorders and complex medical challenges such as cancer, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, arthritis, dementia and more.

How Modis added value

Our client asked us to handle project management for the European Medical Information Framework (EMIF), a public-private partnership (IMI 1) running from January 2013 to June 2018. This multi-stakeholder project involved three research tracks, 57 partners and was worth 56 million euros.

The EMIF platform makes healthcare data accessible to researchers in Europe, accelerating research projects involving biomarker development. Our team led the project management office, supported project communication and dissemination, established best practices, coordinated and set up sustainability efforts and organized key consortium meetings

Modis was a crucial partner in ensuring the smooth operationalization of this complex project. They provided intelligent project management thereby largely contributing to the success of EMIF. Modis provided essential support in dealing with the internal and external complexities of a European funded project.

Bart VannieuwenhuyseSenior Director at Janssen Clinical Innovation - EMIF EFPIA CoordinatorTweet this