Industrial Robotics & Electronics

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and improvement in Industrial Robotics & Electronics are heading up the vanguard.

3 million
30 billion

This sector will see an explosion in the use of robots in industrial applications and increasing collaboration robotic presences in the home and in the workplace. 

Meanwhile, the rise of the Internet of Things in commercial and personal spaces is driving a true transformation in electronics.
Industrial businesses must adapt to make the most of these emerging efficiency-drivers, whatever their scale.

Our three trends:

1. I, Robot Maker

There are compelling reasons for the introduction of robots into the workforce and the automotive and electronics industries have been leading the way. At this point, they're usually found in conditions that are dangerous, impossible or unduly repetitive for humans. And there is room for massive growth. South Korea is leading the way with 630 robots per 10,000 employees, versus a global average of 74.

AI-enabled and motion-sensing collaborative robots (co-bots) will work on the factory floor assisting humans or replacing them for certain activities. But extra effort will be required to prepare for the automation of systems: from understanding data requirements to equipping robots with the sensors they need to undertake their work.

We have a global network of nearly 30,000 Colleagues with cross-domain expertise in manufacturing engineering and IT services. From designing and prototyping industrial robots and electronics, to planning and operating the network services you required to monitor and control them, we can find the right solution for you.

2. The Internet of Things

Consumer demand for connected devices is accelerating. Although they’re not omnipresent (yet), consumers are familiar with Roombas, connected lighting systems and self-regulating heating. To date these have been stereotyped as failing the ‘smart’ label. Robot vacuum cleaners still get stuck under chairs, synchronised lighting loses its glow quickly and heating controls rarely manage to deliver the perfect temperature.
Still, enablers like AI, Big Data and the increasing sophistication of electronics mean that we are at the cusp of a transformation of the household and office. Companies wanting to maintain a competitive edge in this environment need to reduce costs, adapt to scale and innovate to provide real solutions.
We have more than 5,000 Colleagues with specialisms ranging from mobile development to database management of most relational and unstructured databases and tools. Depending on your requirements, we can assist you in finding the right talent for your needs or take on new development and innovation projects ourselves.

3. New production models

Given the intensive capital requirements and 
challenge of cost reduction in Robotics and Electronics, different production models must be considered alongside established procedures. Original Equipment Manufacturers should consider working with Electronic Manufacturing Service partners for outsourcing product design needs for time and quality-critical products or to add flexibility during peak load times.

Consideration must be given to how knowledge gained by robot units in one plant or one country can transfer that knowledge to other units performing similar applications. Robotics as a service must be considered for integration of robots into the business’s overall data stream.

Our network of smart minds specialising in Engineering and IT can rapidly deploy talent at levels that meet the needs of production, including a world-leading project-management capability.

How Modis can help

We don’t just find the brightest minds in the world to connect with your business; we partner with you to find solutions to the challenges you face in Industrial Robotics & Electronics.

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