Control with BIM model from A to Z

"I am now working on the engineering and preparation for the All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects and production preparations for thirty apartments in Assen. This is going to become two buildings, namely a South and North building (with the North building being a mirror image of the South building and rotated through 90°). These apartments are for private sale.

Our objective for our client, Vazet, is to have fully investigated 80 to 90 percent of the engineering and production preparation.

We will go so far in the engineering and production preparation for our client, Vazet , that 80 to 90 percent has already been investigated. The ultimate goal is to avoid any questions from the municipal assessor. Co-makers (fitters, constructors and advisers) will be engaged and contracted even at an early stage of the process so that they can contribute ideas and work on the engineering and production preparations controlled by Vazet.

The project is going to be developed as much as possible into a 3D BIM model so that the materialisation and quantities can be extracted at an early stage on behalf of the calculation.

This 3D model is also used to generate all the drawings which are necessary for each phase of the project, the All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects, the impression, sale, construction, etc.

The production and sale phase can be started immediately after the submission of the All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects. Potential purchasers will visit the showroom to choose options. After a number of weeks, when around seventy percent has been sold, all options will be processed within a period of two weeks and forwarded to the co-makers for processing. 

The objective is for production to be controlled entirely via the BIM model and the related data. All this will be done by a team consisting of a developer, salesperson, structural (BIM) engineers, a project manager and a cost expert. The lines are short and the waiting times are to be reduced so that they can realise a more efficient, more budget-technical and higher quality project in a shorter period of time.

My greatest challenge is to use efficient engineering and preparation to make the project ready, up to a level of 80 to 90 percent, for the submission of the All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects. In this context control by co-makers and advisers is very important for the project's progress so that the BIM model can then be brought up to production level.

The fact that Vazet has good arrangements with co-makers means that the project can be tackled quickly and efficiently with various disciplines by exchanging models. Each discipline (systems, construction, frames, etc.) will return as a model base in the good phase and will be integrated into the total BIM model.

In short it is a hugely challenging learning experience which follows the process from location up to and including realisation. Nothing beats a satisfied client who then offers a follow-up assignment!"

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