Helping to build an 80 metre mega yacht

"During this project I spent one and a half years on the detail engineering of the switchboards, the wall sockets and the lighting in all rooms, the exterior and underwater lighting and the lighting in all technical areas.

The challenge was, above all, the quantity because almost 10,000 different electrotechnical connection points had to be processed in the ship. The art is to ensure that everything fits and can be found again later. Moreover, all kinds of factors have to be taken into account, such as legislation and regulations, the ship's construction, as well as last-minute modifications by the architect which, in turn, influence other aspects of the design.

The fact that we were working in-house at the shipyard meant I could go and look at the ship every now and again to get a better visualisation of the spaces and to see how the fitters were working. I then used this information in my design.

It is great to see how the yacht developed and to be part of it. I saw the ship arrive in parts and sail away as someone's dream yacht…"

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