We understand that your business operates in a world that will change as much in the next 20 years as it has in the previous 200. It’s not enough to simply cope with change and go with the flow; businesses need to start adapting and preparing for the next industrial revolution, today We apply that frame of mind to everything we do and to our work with clients across the world.

We bring together some of the greatest technical minds in the world to perform, transform and innovate across all the industries we work in.


1. Aeronautics, Space & Defense

Increasing growth, significant challenges from new technologies, digitization, environmental issues. The changes and challenges coming to this industry offer huge opportunities.
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2. Automotive

The rise of intense competition and disruption from challengers means that strong partnerships matter more than ever.
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3. Construction & Civil Engineering

New materials, alternative construction methods and automation, increasing cost pressures and regulatory demands... It's more challenging than ever to maintain the competitive advantage in this industry.
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4. E-mobility

A mix of regulatory pressure, public demand and an increase in new market entrants disrupting the industry means that change is accelerating even faster than expected in E-mobility.

5. Energy & Mining

With reduced exploration and an increasing focus on renewables, Energy & Mining is seeing a wave of new models, with new manufacturing service implications.
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6. Finance

Competition in Finance increasingly revolves around improving user experience, as well as carefully ensuring corporate compliance and the provision of cheaper, efficient, digitally-driven services.

7. Industrial Robotics & Electronics

To achieve new growth, businesses in this market need to invest in new technologies and boost their competitive advantage to reclaim market share from their rivals.
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8. Life Sciences

The Internet of Things is moving out of the household and into farms and processing plants across the world. Companies that embrace this change will have tremendous opportunities.
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9. Manufacturing Engineering

The revolution on the factory floor and the increasing sophistication of data capabilities are driving the future of Manufacturing Engineering to automation and smart factories.
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10. Medical Devices

 A revolution in science and technology is changing everything. Start-ups and experienced manufacturers alike are unleashing the power of smart, connected objects and AI-powered big data to shake up medical diagnosis and treatment. 
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11. Naval, Rail, Infrastructure and Transportation

The drive for faster, more efficient and sustainable modes of transport and infrastructure mean this industry must deal with increasing demand and difficulty of manufacture and service.
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12. Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain

Automation, big data and AI are transforming the logistics and supply chains of businesses across the world. Companies that move to harness these changes will have to take advantage. 
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13. Public Sector

Over the next 15 years the public sector will have to face the need to collect and analyse vast quantities of personal information, ramp up the digitization of services and encourage economic growth by using data to drive innovation. 
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14. Telecommunications & Media

New communication paradigms are hitting the industry. Connected things, exponential ownership of smart devices and huge demands on infrastructure.It's an exciting time and smart businesses can remain ahead of the curve.
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