Life Sciences


The convergence of new technologies and Life Sciences provides wonderful prospects for innovation.

New technologies and consumer demand for devices full of sensors are driving transformations - in the way we research, communicate with patients, adhere to national and global regulations and bring new products to market.

Our mission in Life Sciences is to help our partners improve quality of life in this changing environment. We do this by providing the expertise and experts you require to undertake your research, develop your drugs and other products and support how you address customer and patient needs.

We have hundreds of consultants at hand able to participate in:

  • The development of a drug
  • The marketing of a product
  • The care of patients

Our Centers of Excellence and Delivery Centers can take entire functions off-site for custom solutions. There we can perform observational research, take on your Salesforce tasks or provide holistic patient support solutions.

Our Colleagues deliver their work to the highest quality and to the strictest ethical standards. You can trust us to supplement your business in the most flexible fashion.

Consulting & Professional Staffing

We bring our expertise to your business, on-site, connecting the smartest people and brightest businesses to the opportunities they need to thrive.

We can provide whatever is required to fit into your development cycle, whenever it's needed and to the highest standards.

Project Services

We connect the smartest talent with specialized skills to form a multi-talented team. Integrating into your organisation or serving in a consultative role.

Our services are managed through SLAs and KPIs, ensuring the highest-degree of operational excellence throughout the project.

Outsourcing & Managed Services

Your challenge is our challenge and the risk is ours.
We deploy a portfolio of services and solutions at a fixed price with a guaranteed outcome. This ranges from large and highly complex work packages to smaller, lower-complexity packages where we take responsibility for all components. This means it's much easier to focus on your core competencies, while we manage the risk.

Customized Services & Solutions

Here we don't provide the experts, we provide the product they build with their expertise.
With delivery centres and centres of excellence on three continents (NA/Europe/Asia), we can quickly connect teams of specialists to build the required solution for you. It's our responsibility to make sure it's within time, quality and budget.
Our global experts are ready to help your business
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