Environmental Impact & Energy Optimization Center

Pau, France

Rigorous solutions, reliable results

At our Environmental Impact & Energy Optimization Center we believe that talent drives innovation. That's why we are committed to finding the smartest minds to deliver innovative environmental solutions, specializing in: Water, Air, Soil, Hygiene, Safety in Operations, Projects or Research & Development.

Our core strengths lie in industrial risk management, provision of regulatory dossiers (covering ICPE, the IED etc), carrying out HSE Audits on sites and reducing the environmental impact of customer activity.

By working with you in active partnership, we can help you save, optimize and reduce wastage. So there's much to gain while reducing your environmental impact and mitigating the effects of your work.

Our commitment to you

At our Environmental Impact & Energy Optimization Center, we commit to delivering solutions on time and to budget. To effect that, we also commit to nurturing and training great talent. Through continuous professional development of all the staff at the Center, we ensure that our people understand your business, the wider operating environment and consistently deliver results that work.

Onsite expertise

  • Oceanography, Soil and Groundwater Remediation
  • Environmental engineering (including PhDs)
  • HSE engineering
  • Geoscience and Geology engineering (incluidng PhDs)
  • Process, Fluid engineering (including PhDs)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Measurements technicians
  • Design

Technologies deployed

  • Air quality and air emissions control
  • Polluted sites and ground-water analysis
  • Oceanography and aquatic environments
  • Oil and mining exploration & production
  • Energy recovery/Isolated sites