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IT Project Manager

Ref: 40751

Posted on 10 November 2022
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Contracted at Modis

Function information

Prime Objective:

Deployment coordination both on technical & admin level from predefined engineering design up to as-built acceptance for a large network infrastructure project within set time frame, scope and budget.

Result Areas:

Report to lead PM operationally, to line mgt hierarchically

Align with lead PM on timing, budget and scope of the entire program, and each incorporated (sub) project.

Absorb knowledge on tools, dBases and documents that are required to achieve the deliverables.

The Technical Project Manager will be accountable for project documentation and delivery status updates in the above mentioned tools, dBases and documents.

Facilitate & preside weekly hands-on operations meetings with involved fiber, transmission, installation and service operating center groups. This assembly of key project hands-on members will be the hands-on project team.

Create a long term overall planning of all deliverables within the preset leadtimes of each deliverable or subtrack, in accordance with the lead PM’s input.

Create a detailed week planning 2 to 3 weeks upfront actual work order execution, in cooperation with the hands-on project team members.

Both long-term and detailed planning should facilitate all involved operations groups to forecast and actually allocate required resources sufficiently upfront

This planning overview needs to be translated in a clear weekly status report that can be used by Lead PM to update the departemental stakeholders on progress, attention points or risks, for example during Steerco meetings.

Flag to lead PM all major issues and risks as they occur or become clear. This will be an evolving knowledge of what parameters are deemed severe or critical.

Monitor Project expenditure details on frequent basis and align with lead PM to ensure they do not exceed the project or program budget. If a structural overshoot of (partial) budget would start to manifest, escallate asap towards lead PM.

In case additional equipment and/or vendor orders become mandatory, flag these needs and their budget impact to lead PM.

Announce and cross check all non-commercial migration efforts between the the different involved entities.

As of a certain phase in the program as a subproject, certain commercial services need to be migrated from legacy to newly build network infrastructure. This migration also needs coordination and follow-up on with external customers. The primary communication and mitigation of customer demands versus company goals in such large migration project is the prerequisite of customer’s Service Manager(SM) whenever applicable. For customers where no SM is allocated, the Customer project manager (CPM) knows both customer as well as the deployed solution, and should also be consulted upfront further progress.

Certain details and communications, the technical PM will have to communicate directly after alignment as mentioned above with SM and/or CPM.

The lead PM will provided guidance and coaching towards the Technical PM so the latter can gradually take ownership on most of his/her work package in an evolving autonomous fashion.


For This position some minimal knowledge of Layer 1, 2 and 3 of OSI model is a prerequisite:

Physical layer: fiber network connections and fiber hardware basic knowledge: not the actual details, but the required insights to manage such a project, to document it in various dBases & tools. Candidate should already have some experience or at least knowledge of such work/project

Transmission layer: xWDM (so transport of transmission signals over ‘virtual fiber’ = via coloured laser. Person should either have some experience or knowledge regarding this topic.

Canndidate should be able to understand with that knowledge/experience the project goals as the actual project engineers will talk between each other in abbreviations and technical lingo, so a technical PM should at least have notions what they are talking about

IP Layer: only a very basic knowledge of this is required for the job, but for a deliverable of the project in a later stage, this is however a plus. It’ll help the candidate anticipate communications and notifications towards the actual B2B customers, and will create t(h)rust for the Telenet B2B customers upfront allowing and implementing change.

C Civil engineer / Industrial engineer with telecom experience, or at least a proven track record in large Telecom technical infra projects. Hands-on experience is a plus, more than solely helicopter view approach.

A At least 2 years experience in telecom

At least 2 years experience in project management

Language skills EN / FR


Temporary mission for a freelancer of a Modis contractor. Start as soon as possible and end foreseen for end of March.


Ellen Winnepenninckx 02 482 82 94

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