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Supply chain

Digital-age technologies, new consumer preferences and changing business strategies make operational excellence ever more important for life sciences businesses. Modis is a leading provider of supply chain optimization services and solutions to the life sciences industry. By gaining a deep understanding of your needs, we can help you improve your processes in an agile, cost-effective way.

Flexible and professional support from a to z


  • We have a proven track record in life sciences supply chain.
  • Our complementary team of experts and project managers takes your supply chain processes to the next level by working with you to apply industry standards and proven methodologies tailored to your needs. We are fluent in DMAIC, PDCA, lean methodologies, (strategic) business process mapping, root cause analysis and many more.

Service overview

  • Planning
    Our team analyzes your process landscape and implements or optimizes: sales and operations planning (S&OP), inventory or working capital, distribution networks, demand and supply management, KPI management and the integration of advanced planning tools and software.
  • Operations
    We embed a lean mindset into your manufacturing environment through value stream mapping and line efficiency, and facilitate operational excellence by managing your projects. We can support you in implementing new technologies emerging from trends such as Industry 4.0. We partner with you in staying compliant with GMP regulations.
  • Transformation
    We guide life cycle transformations, in domains such as delisting and divestment, tech transfer and portfolio management. We also help you identify outsourcing opportunities and guide you through the end-to-end decision-making process – from roadmap to results.

Our experts

You can count on professional support from supply chain experts that share our values of trust, close cooperation and excellence.

  • Business consultants
  • Project managers
  • Business analysts

Target markets

From biotech to pharma, Modis offers you the specialisms that your business case requires.

  • Pharma

Supporting IT Tools

Our experts are skilled in setting up processes and tools that support the reporting capabilities needed to share supply chain insights. These tools provide data analytics and strong visuals that add value to your business processes. Our success stories include custom dashboards and cloud reporting solutions such as Power BI and Tableau.


Modis helps pharma multinational save inventory costs

Client core business

The customer is a Switzerland-based pharmaceutical company with a worldwide customer base. Its business focus is on developing and manufacturing parenteral drugs.

How Modis added value

We launched an inventory optimization project for the customer focusing on reducing current and future levels of slow and obsolete inventory (SLOB). Our team provided greater visibility over root causes of inventory problems across the local supply chain, enabling better decision making. We also launched a set of improvement projects, saving the client over 2 million USD in inventory costs.

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Modis supports large, listed molecular diagnostics firm in its digital transformation

Client core business

The customer develops decentralized molecular testing solutions to bring precision medicine closer to patients.

How Modis added value

We helped the customer comply with GMP regulations and improve manufacturing efficiency by implementing and validating an electronic batch record system. Our project manager guided the team through the initial requirements and programming steps to the full implementation of the new technology into the customer’s existing manufacturing line. We added value by ensuring end-to-end quality and FDA-compliant manufacturing processes.

“Implementing an electronic batch record system is a challenge for many companies. Thanks to the support of the skilled senior project manager from Modis, we were able to approach this project in a methodical manner. Numerous reviews have been completed with all internal and external stakeholders. By consolidating and keeping a clear overview of all information, systematically placing the right holding points and making the right communication and escalation calls, we delivered the project on time and on budget. Thanks to the excellent support of Modis, we efficiently introduced a new business capability and have taken an important step forward toward our corporate objectives.”

Regi Vangenechten, manufacturing lead for our customer (a molecular diagnostics firm)

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