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Early access programs and market insights

Ensuring that your new products are accessed by the right patients at the right price and as rapidly as possible is key to the success of your product and the societal benefits of your solution. But in an increasingly competitive landscape with declining healthcare budgets, this is becoming more challenging. We support you in ensuring the fastest go to market by providing you with rich market insights, developing reimbursement dossiers and early access programs, achieving consensus among healthcare professionals in disease management or treatment guidelines and identifying the needs of patients, payers and healthcare professionals.

Comprehensive, flexible, skilled support

Service overview 

  • We develop reimbursement dossiers and prepare and submit your requests for companionate use and medical need programs.
  • We follow up with authorities regarding the status of your requests.
  • We implement electronic platforms for your companionate use program and medical need programs.
  • We manage treatment supply for your programs.
  • We conduct surveys and Delphi panels and organize advisory boards.

Our experts

Our large team of consultants has experience in academia, industry and clinical research. This international team offers writing services in French, Dutch, German, Spanish and more, and develops documents according to guidelines such as FAHMP. We also implement electronic platforms and handle project and data management initiatives.

  • Medical writers
  • Quality assurance managers
  • Project managers
  • IT specialists
  • Data managers

Target markets

From biotech to pharma, Modis offers you the specialisms that your business case requires.

  • Pharma

Supporting IT Tools

Every project requires different types of collaboration and knowledge-sharing activities. We’re familiar with all the standard tools available – and many extras. Modis technical experts can roll out an electronic platform for your business that aids in the execution and management of early access programs and surveys.


Belgian cancer treatment pioneer relies on Modis for its medical needs program

Client core business

The customer is a pharmaceutical firm headquartered in Belgium involved in oncological drug development. 

How Modis added value 

This firm was interested in setting up a medical needs program in Belgium, but lacked the necessary resources. They also wanted to develop an electronic platform allowing physicians to enroll patients in the program and request treatment.

We assembled a Modis project team made up of a scientific writer, data manager and project manager. The writer developed the mandatory documents for the authorities. After acceptance, the Modis IT team created the electronic enrollment platform, allowing the client to approve patients and supply treatment as needed – all via a centralized interface. Thanks to our solution, the client can treat patients with unmet medical needs in a fully electronic way, reducing their administrative burden.


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