Intelligent analytics, connected employees and world-class integration

Adapt delivers superior outcomes for organisations via intelligent analytics, connected employees and world-class integration architecture. What can Modis Australia and Adapt do for you?

You want an open door to greater expertise. We can transform your Business by modernising your IT systems and releasing innovation.

Adapt features


Whether you’re delivering new integration or getting the most from an existing investment, you should expect a centralised, scalable and secure service-based view of your information resources.


A great mobile outcome starts with the user experience; we bring together our expertise in designing and developing mobile apps, and extensive knowledge of integration and security, to deliver highly valuable mobile experiences with Modis’ Adapt platform.


To make better business decisions and solve problems before they happen, our advanced predictive analytics modelling helps you understand how every facet of your organisation is performing, whenever you need.

Enterprise Information Exchange Hub

In a multi-provider-and-support world, our Enterprise Information Exchange Hub provides clients with the service registry and discovery solution.


From biometrics to public key cryptography, our focus is always on the highest quality of security so your information resources stay protected.

Event Correlation

To filter and match patterns for correlated events, we have developed a set of services and algorithms that work across live streams of data/messaging and static/transactional sources of information.

How Modis can help

With service excellence our focus, our solutions connect you with the world’s smartest minds, to assist with the development and delivery of your products or services. 

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