Customized Services & Solutions

Building products with expertise

Here, we build the tailored solutions you require, on time, to the highest quality and within budget. Our Delivery Centers & Centers of Excellence allow us to deliver some customized digital solutions, on an onshore, nearshore or offshore basis.

Some of the solutions that we delivered over the years have produced significant business value to our clients.

Automation and AI

Using the power of data, cloud and AI services, we deliver intelligent solutions. These can automate manual processes, increase productivity and create new capabilities that are not possible with legacy technology. We focus on:

  • Vision: automate the identification of important objects in images and video, including faces, vehicles, and materials
  • Voice: Delivering conversational interfaces via voice assistants and automating the transcription of interviews and hearings
  • Natural Language Processing: automatically extract meaning from unstructured data (including statements, transcripts and resumes)
  • Machine learning: driven by the value unleashed from enterprise and operational datasets
  • Robotic process automation to automate and transform business processes
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Business Analysis

We can help you take advantage of the untapped value in your vast quantity of enterprise and operational data, enabling you to make decisions faster, improve your operations, reduce costs and deliver a quantifiable return on investment. Our capabilities include:

  • Providing analytics platforms that scale to ingest, store, analyze and reveal insights from data
  • Developing analytics solutions for specific industry problems
  • Rapidly piloting, implementing and delivering services that drive valuable outcomes and extract value from your data
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We believe that a great mobile outcome starts with the user experience. That's why we bring together our expertise in designing and developing mobile apps, and extensive knowledge of integration and security, to deliver highly valuable mobile experiences. 

From BYOD solutions - so your people can work productively from any location - to equipping workers with state-of-the-art rugged mobile devices for use in the most remote in-the-field environments, our agile solutions are developed to support your business objectives by enabling your people to work at their best.


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APIs & Integration

With over 15 years’ experience Modis has a proven approach for designing, building and managing integration services and platforms into industries including supply chain, transport, law enforcement, health, mining and energy. Our broad-and-deep expertise in Integration covers:

  • Rapid design, development and operation of cloud-based microservices and API gateways
  • End-to-end delivery of integration solutions and Enterprise integration platforms
  • Establishing and executing Integration Centers of Excellence for governance, design, build, validation and support of Enterprice integration capabilities
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From establishing secure and scalable foundations for Cloud in Enterprise technology portfolios, planning and executing cloud migration and modernization programs, and managing critical business platforms in cloud environments, Modis can support your cloud ambitions.

We have:

  • Methodologies for adopting cloud services in Enterprise IT where security is Step 0 and becomes the enabler for maximizing cloud value
  • Top-tier partnerships with key Hyperscale Cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and Google Cloud
  • Experienced teams of architects, engineers, developers and operations teams that provide full-stack cloud delivery services
  • The knowledge and agility to move beyond Infrastructure as a Service to take advantage of rapidly-advancing Cloud services. This includes: platforms, automation capabilities, serverless computing and Artificial Intelligence APIs
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Global Delivery Centers

Our Delivery Centres are where we service multiple clients and a range of projects, often requiring many specialist services. Equally we have centres of excellence where we concentrate on a single expertise, based on time and quality. Here we apply our tried and tested project management methodologies, processes and tools.

All Centers are in key locations around the world, covering over 30 languages and are strategically located to follow the ‘Sun’, are secured to manage client sensitivities and where needed are all ISO accredited.
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